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        Fab-Set                                                 Green Balance Neutralizing Rinse
        Fab-Set is perfect as your carpet cleaning              Green Balance Neutralizing Rinse is ideal as
        finishing touch. Fab-Set eliminates detergent           an extraction rinse or post-cleaning topical
        residues, speeds carpet drying and makes colors         spray. This acid rinse leaves carpet fibers
        really pop! It also prevents browning, gives            absolutely their cleanest, free from both soil
        carpet a wonderful, soft feel and returns carpet        and detergent residue. Then, state-of-the art
        to the perfect pH for protector application. Ideal      polymer technology insures that carpet won’t
        when used as a rinse in your portable or truck          resoil due to detergent residues. It stabilizes
        mount, Fab-Set can also be misted onto carpet           dyes, prevents browning and yellowing,
        as an after-spray.                                      pH neutralizes the carpet, and leaves a soft,
                                                                luxurious feel. Formulated based upon the
        gallon  CR12GL    $18.81 (ea)                           information supplied by the U.S. EPA DFE
                      $16.93 (4)
        5 gl. Pail  CR12PL   $84.26                             program and other green programs for
                                                                environmentally preferred cleaning products.
        Dilution Ratios:
        Portables: 4-6 oz./gl. water                                                              GREEN BALANCE
        Truckmounts: 1 qt./5 gl. water                          gallon  CR03GL      $23.88 (ea)
        RTU pH: 2.8                                                                 $21.49 (4)
                                                                Dilution Ratios:
                                                                Portables: 2 oz./5 gl. water
                                                                Truckmounts: 1 qt./5 gl. water
                                                                RTU pH: 2.5 - 3


        Encapuclean Green DS - Low                              Encapuclean DS with Maxim
        Moisture Carpet Cleaner
                                                                Encapuclean DS with Maxim offers all the same
        Encapuclean Green DS will out clean everything          benefits of regular Encapuclean but adds stain
        on the market. Guaranteed or your money back.           resistance and additional dry soil protection!
        Encapuclean Green DS employs an exclusive,              Regular use will enhance and maintain high
        proprietary non-hygroscopic polymer that                levels of stain and soil resistance on commercial
        allows for even faster drying times. Encapuclean        carpet.
        Green DS contains no alcohol or solvents to try
        and speed up drying. Its exclusive formula does         gallon  CC12GL  $51.46 (ea)
        not need them. Double Strength (DS) means                           $46.32 (4)
        the formula is ultra-concentrated, stretching
        your square feet of cleaning per gallon and your        Dilution Ratio: 1:32
                                                                4 oz./gl. water
        dollars simultaneously! It has twice the cleaning       RTU pH: 7.5
        coverage of conventional encapsulation

        gallon  CC15GL    $42.19 (ea)
                      $37.97 (4)
                                            GREEN BALANCE
        Dilution Ratio: 1:32
        4 oz./gl. water
        RTU pH: 7.5 - 8.0

                                     Prices subject to change without notice. Call or go online for current pricing.
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