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        CleanFREE: Soap Free                                    Fiber Plus Powdered
        Cleaning Agent                                          Extraction Formula

        CleanFREE represents the next generation                The safer alternative for carpet or upholstery
        in extraction cleaning and rinsing solutions.           cleaning, Fiber Plus offers outstanding               CARPET EXTRACTION DETERGENTS
        CleanFREE provides soap and detergent                   cleaning characteristics in a close to neutral
        free, sudsless cleaning. Its formula contains           pH formula that reduces the risk of dye
        no volatile organic compounds, is odor                  bleeding or other pH related problems.
        free at use dilution, and is formulated to
        be free-rinsing from the carpet leaving                 Fiber Plus can be used on virtually any fiber
        almost no residue. CleanFREE also uses the              that can be safely cleaned with water and it
        activating power of carbonation to assist in            won’t leave residues that promote resoiling.
        soil suspension and removal without the use             Only the finest, 100% active ingredients
        of harsh solvents, bacterial enzymes, and               are used in Fiber Plus. A small amount makes a highly effective and
        potentially harmful bleaches.                           economical cleaner. Fiber Plus contains corrosion inhibitors and won’t
                                                                harm your equipment.
        5.5 lb. jar  CC27A    $33.72 (ea)
                        $30.34 (4)                              7 lb. jar  CC10A    $41.74 (ea)
        30 lb. pail  CC27B   $168.30                                            $37.57 (4)
                                                                40 lb. pail  CC10B   $188.00
        Dilution Ratios:
        PreSpray: 2 oz./gl. water                               Dilution Ratios:
        Portable Extraction: 1/2 oz./gl. water                  Portables: 1/4 -1/2 oz./gl. hot water
        Truckmounts: 3 cups/5 gl. water                         Truckmounts: 16-24 oz./5 gl. water
        RTU ph 9.8                                              RTU pH: 7.5 - 8

                                                                      Don’t just rinse it,

        Green Balance Carpet
        Extraction Rinse                                                  ICE it!

        Designed to work in conjunction with Green
        Balance Prespray, Green Balance Extraction
        Rinse is a mildly alkaline formula designed
        to deliver additional cleaning power often
        missing from acid side “green” cleaners. In
        addition, Green Balance Extraction Rinse
        incorporates advanced polymer technology
        to prevent rapid resoiling and keep carpets
        clean longer.

        Formulated based upon the information
        supplied by the leading green certification program for
        environmentally preferred cleaning products.                         Rinsed with water.  Rinsed with Flex ICE.

        gallon  CC13GL    $36.57 (ea)                                Maximize your cleaning performance
                      $32.92 (4)                                     with the NEW FLEX ICE powdered
                                                                     extraction rinse.
                                                      GREEN BALANCE
        Dilution Ratios:
        Portables: 2 oz./5 gl. water                                 The ONLY acid-side powdered
        Truckmounts: 1 qt./5 gl. water                               concentrate that neutralizes hot
        RTU pH: 8-8.5                                                presprays, dissolves quickly in
                                                                     cold water, protects equipment
                                                                     AND cleans at the incredibly
                                                                     low dilution ratio of 1 to 320.

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