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                               Flex ICE Powdered Extraction Rinse

                               Flex ICE will surpass all other acidic extraction agents, while rivaling the cleaning effectiveness of the best alkaline
                               formulas, due to its excellent soil suspension and removal capabilities. The result will be reduced cleaning times
                               and very satisfied customers. Designed for free rinsing and cleaning with all pre-sprays, including high pH products
                               like Flex Powder with Citrus Solv. This neutralization improves bonding and performance of protectors and reduces
                               problems associated with browning, bleeding and resoiling.

                               6 lb. Jar  CC19A   $39.95 (ea)   RTU pH: 4.5 – 5.5
                                           $35.96 (4)           Dilution Ratios: Portable 1 – 2 oz per 5 gallons
                                                                Truckmount 1.5 – 2 cups per 5 gallons

        Blazin’ Blue Powdered                                   End Zone Extraction
        Extraction Formula                                      Emulsifier/Neutralizer

        •  Better cleaning, easier to dissolve, and             End Zone is a powerful extraction emulsifier
          fresh clean fragrance                                 that also neutralizes after cleaning AND
        •  Very concentrated - stays effective even             uses encapsulating polymer technology to
          under extreme dilutions                               help prevent resoiling! This is a cutting edge
                                                                technology that allows you to get carpets
        NEW Blazin’ Blue is a highly versatile                  cleaner and help them stay cleaner longer—a
        powdered extraction detergent. It is very               major benefit to your customers. End Zone’s
        effective on 5th generation carpets, filthy             powerful surfactants remove tough soils
        commercial carpeting or following water                 including sand and other particulates that
        damage. That’s because special buffering                pre-sprays just can’t remove.
        agents maintain the full strength of Blazin’
        Blue during the entire cleaning process. Other cleaners decrease in
        strength as they encounter carpet soils—but not Blazin’ Blue!   gallon  CC05GL    $28.51 (ea)  Dilution Ratios:
                                                                                 $25.66 (4)  Pump or electric sprayer: 4 oz./
                                                                                           gl. water
        6 lb. Jar  CC29A    $37.49 (ea)  Dilution Ratios:       5 gl. Pail  CC05PL   $118.27  Truckmounts: 32 oz./5 gl. water
                         $33.75 (4)  Portables: 1 oz./5 gl. water
        36 lb. Pail  CC29B   $164.86  Truckmounts: 2-3 cups/5 gl. water, meter on          RTU pH: 4.5 - 5.0
        370 lb. Drum  CC29C  $1343.14  2-3 GPH
                                     RTU pH: 9.8

        Flex Fire Powdered Alkaline                             Power Point Liquid
        Extraction Rinse                                        Extraction Formula
                                                                •  Controlled pH for use on all residential and
        •  DISSOLVES QUICKLY – Flex FIRE rinse will               commercial applications
          dissolve quickly, creating a crystal-clear            •  Highly concentrated liquid - no worry of
          cleaning solution.                                      undissolved powders
        •  EQUIPMENT SAFE - has special additives that          •  Contains effective emulsifiers that combine with
          help prevent corrosion and buildup
                                                                  soil and presprays, giving a squeaky clean rinse
        Our hottest, most effective cleaning rinse ever.        Power Point is a heavy duty alkaline rinse that
        Flex FIRE extraction rinse is a high pH rinsing         is powerful enough to clean everything from
        solution designed specifically for exceptionally        greasy restaurants and filthy apartments to
        soiled commercial carpet when all others have           heavily soiled residential carpets, but is also safe
        failed. Combine with Flex Powder with Citrus Solv       for all carpet fibers. Power Point won’t leave
        to remove traffic lanes previously considered           soil attracting residue behind. Power Point
        uncleanable.                                            dissolves instantly, rinses freely and won’t harm
        6 lb. Jar  1627-4983    $36.95 (ea)  Dilution Ratios:
                          $33.25 (4)  Portables: 1 oz./5 gl. water            $25.93 (ea)
        36 lb. Pail  1630-4089    $173.49  Truckmounts: 1-2 cups/5 gl. water  gallon  CC26GL    $23.34 (4)  Dilution Ratios:
                                                                                            Portables: 2-4 oz./5 gl. water
        370 lb. Drum  1631-4080 $1522.76  RTU pH: 11.3-11.5     5 gl. Pail  CC26PL  $110.40  Truckmounts: 1 qt./5 gl. water
                                                                                            RTU pH: 9.5
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