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Bridgepoint Systems is a prime resource to our customers for cleaning, deodorization, surface protection, and restoration chemical solutions. These chemical solutions are backed by comprehensive training, education, business support, and technical resources to provide our customers with a strategic advantage in a highly competitive marketplace, enabling them to deliver goods and services to their customers at a profit. Bridgepoint Systems is recognized in the cleaning industry as a trusted line of professional cleaning solutions. We've combined decades of experience with quality products to deliver complete solutions for the cleaning and restoration technician.

Our chemicals are created, tested, and manufactured under exacting guidelines. Our goal is to ensure that the right chemicals are available no matter what the application or circumstance. At Bridgepoint, quality comes first and is included in every step of the chemical manufacturing process.

We've created entire product lines for almost every situation: "Green" Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Oriental and Investment Textile Rugs, Upholstery, Stone, Tile & Grout, Leather, Wood Floors, Flood Restoration, Mold Remediation, Smoke Damage, Fire Clean-Up, Hard Surface Cleaning, and stain and soil Protection.

Our products are distributed by an exclusive, nationwide network of total support distributors. These distributors have been selected, trained, and evaluated to provide the same level of quality product support as we demand from our products.

Bridgepoint Systems is a premier cleaning brand owned by Aramsco, Inc. a distributor to a broad range of industries including concrete surface preparation, environmental remediation, building restoration, janitorial supplies, professional cleaning, and stone fabrication.

The Aramsco family of companies share a common vision of providing exceptional services to specialty contractors that enable them to succeed. Learn more about Aramsco at Aramsco.com/AboutUs.

Be sure to check out our latest additions to the Bridgepoint chemical family, as well as our super-star line up of products that are industry renowned for quality and performance.

The History of Bridgepoint Systems

Bridgepoint Systems had its beginnings in 1973 when Robert, Gordon, and Dave Hanks began cleaning carpets part time while attending the University of Utah. The part time 'jobs' soon turned to a full time enterprise.

In the late 1970's, while the carpet and upholstery cleaning division continued to grow, Bridgepoint began to offer training to other professional cleaners and added a small supply distribution division. As carpet and fabric protectors became available, the Bridgepoint team immediately saw the VALUE that quality protectors added to the consumer. Bridgepoint initiated a carpet and fabric protection division that spread throughout the nation by offering high quality protection for new carpet and upholstery. This service was offered by the best interior designers and furniture stores across the country. Over the years, this TYPE of business gave Bridgepoint the experience and knowledge necessary to develop and manufacture the finest carpet and upholstery cleaning, and protection products on the market today.

Over the years, Bridgepoint Systems led the way in expanding and diversifying the service offerings of the professional carpet cleaner. Recognizing the different construction of upholstered fabrics, and taking into account the different types of soiling primarily affecting them, Bridgepoint developed a full line of cleaning and protection solutions for delicate fabrics. Anyone professionally cleaning carpet in residential homes becomes quickly aware of the impact of pet urine contamination. Bridgepoint innovated a wide array of pet odor deodorization products. The fact that many professional cleaners were also being asked to cleaning, maintain, and protect investment textile and oriental rugs led Bridgepoint to develop a full specialty line of products. It also became apparent early on to the Hanks Brothers that professional cleaners should be cleaning, maintaining, and protecting all of the flooring surfaces they were dragging their carpet cleaning hoses across. Bridgepoint Systems led the way in the development of innovative cleaning solutions for stone, tile and grout floors and surfaces. Bridgepoint developed the industry's first comprehensive, yet simple to use, "dustless" cleaning and maintenance program for fine wood floors. Soon thereafter, complete cleaning and care product lines were developed for leather. Bridgepoint wants the professional cleaner to have the most innovative and safe cleaning solutions for practically any surface in the home or business environment.

The Corporate Headquarters for Bridgepoint Systems is located in Salt Lake City, Utah as part of the Bridgewater Companies Corporate Campus. In addition, an east coast warehouse is maintained in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Story of the Hanks Brothers - The Three Amigos

Bridgepoint Systems is owned and operated by three brothers, Rob, Gordon and Dave Hanks (in order of age). Their personalities developed early in life. Rob was clearly "Mom's favorite", which was not really a place of honor in the family. It simply meant that he got more attention from Mom, wanted or unwanted. Rob would never admit that it had anything to do with his behavior but maintains to this day that it was both unwarranted and unfair.

Gordon was known as the "brains" of the family because he liked to take the instruction pages of any product into the bathroom as reading material. That would seem strange to most rational people but Mom and Dad managed to put a positive spin on it.

Dave was spoiled because he was the youngest. The older kids were never allowed to have firearms in the home. Dave got a .22 rifle. The older kids were never allowed to have motorcycles. Dave had a motorcycle. We don't have time to list all of the inequities here but suffice it to say that all of this took place after Rob and Gordon were out of the house and that all of the complaining fell on deaf ears. Mom and Dad, as they got older just got too tired to argue with Dave.

Bridgepoint Systems began in the most humble of circumstances. Rob and Gordon were both in college. Rob was at National Guard one weekend and was complaining to a friend that he needed to find a job that would pay enough to support him and his wife-to-be, Wendy, while he was finishing college. His friend suggested that he try carpet cleaning, a business that his friend had recently abandoned to join the family business. Rob borrowed his machine, cleaned the carpet in his new apartment and thought that was a reasonable part-time job. He and Wendy emptied their bank accounts, borrowed the rest of the money to purchase a new portable machine and began their business as Rob and Wendy's Carpet Cleaning.

Weeks later, Gordon came into the business with enough money to purchase a van and Aztec Carpet Cleaning was an official business. After a few months Aztec was doing well enough that the boys had to make a decision. They were running a mediocre company and doing a mediocre job in college. They decided to quit college to go into carpet cleaning full-time. That little piece of news provided the second worst day of their mother's life.

The worst day of Mom's life came a few years later when they talked their brother Dave into quitting college to go into business with them. After much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth Dave decided to go into the business with his brothers. That was not necessarily the end of the war however. As recently as 10 years ago, Mom asked Rob when he was going back to school to get a real profession. (Keep in mind that this took place after each of the boys had 5 children of their own.)

The personalities that developed in the early stages have shaped the company. Gordon has always been the detail oriented one among the owners. He has been responsible for computer systems, accounting and purchasing, in other words, the internal workings. Rob and Dave have been in charge of sales, promotion and education.

In spite of the fact that Bridgepoint Systems is 35 years old at this writing, the brothers are still very active in the daily activities of the business. Each one shows up at work every day, overseeing his responsibilities. They aren't showing too many signs of slowing down but should you ever get a chance to visit Bridgepoint's headquarters in Salt Lake City, it would be very obvious that they have a wonderful young management team in place that will ensure the continuation of Bridgepoint Systems well into the future.

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